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Why You Should Send a ‘Thank You’ Email After Interviews and How

Post interview 'Thank You' emails are very beneficial in helping you secure a good job whether your interview comes out successful or not. When properly written, Thank You emails will endear you to the interviewer and could open bigger doors. It may be the impetus you need to make the recruiter refer you to another recruiter should in case the interview is not successful.
Always remember this: Your job interview is not over until you have sent a Thank You email. 
This is essentially your first and best follow-up strategy after job interviews. In fact, failure to send a Thank You email could cost you the job, especially where the recruiter is looking for a really smart person who relates well with people generally.

The Power of a Good 'Thank You' Email 

In my experience, a Thank You email is a psychology tool that helps you imprint your professional skills and strengths in the mind of the interviewer. Sometimes, when you reinforce your person with a Thank You email, recruiters could go out of their way to create a new position or refer you to other recruiters or managers. 
A good Thank You email should re-emphasize your interest in the job and highlight your most important professional skills. This will really improve your chances or getting the job.
Some people send text messages or call the recruiter on the phone instead of writing an email. From research and experience, this is not the best follow-up strategy. With a text message, you will not be able to achieve what you can do with a Thank You email, and phone calls could be very interrupting for an average busy recruiter or manager. 

How to Write Good 'Thank You' Emails 

First of all, bear in mind that a good Thank You email should be sent within 24hrs after your interview. The longer it takes you to send a Thank You email, the less effective it becomes.
So, here's how to write a good Thank You email after your interview: 

Paragraph 1 - Introduce Yourself Nicely
First thank the interviewer for the opportunity of attending the interview, stating the title of the open position. If possible, acknowledge something nice about the interview session or entire organization.
Paragraph 2 - Time to Sell Yourself
Remind the interviewer of your qualifications and skills. You can add important information you missed out during the interview session.
Paragraph 3 - Reinforce Your Interest in the Job
In this last paragraph, let your enthusiasm shine out. Tell the recruiter how much you love the job or their company. Close by letting him or her know that you are expecting a positive response.
Below is a sample. You can use this sample as a guide in writing a customized Thank You email. 

Sample 'Thank You' Email

Subject: [Thank You for the Interview Session]
Dear Joy,
Thank you for your time today to discuss the Management Consultant position at (Company). I was really impressed by the organization of the interview session as well as the friendly gesture of your staff.
I am excited about the opportunity to be a part of (Company) work force. I listened carefully to the details of the job description. My training in human capital management at (Institution) will be of immense help to me. Also, my experience as the human resource leader in (current/former company) will help me handle the pressure that comes with the responsibilities very well. 
I look forward to hearing from you. Once again, thank you for your time. You may reach me on (Your Phone Number) for any question.
Yor Name 

Avoid the temptation to create a generic Thank You email for general use. Ensure you always write a customized Thank You email based on the circumstances of individual interviews.  This will distinguish you from the pack.

Guest Author: Ayo Oyedotun is the Managing Editor of Woculus where he writes on Business Emails and Internet Communication Tips. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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