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Job Searching Tips for Young Professionals

So you have to enter the real world. After finishing college you decide it’s time to get out there and start doing the things you’ve studied so hard to do.

There’s probably no bigger step to becoming an adult then finding a first real job, passing from being a student to becoming a worker. Thisis a special time in one’s life but there are some important things to consider in order for one to be successful. Here are some tips to help young professionals find a job.

Prepare a good CV

Even if you don’t have any real working experience yet, you’ll need a well prepared CV/ resume in order to attract potential employers. List chronologically any experience you have that could of benefit in the working world; whether it was part time baby sitting, lawn mowing, or even that lemonade stand you had back when you were 10. Of course, any volunteer work in the community should be on your resume as well, and you can even include social clubs, school committees or even sports teams that you’re involved with. Write down the responsibilities you had, and what skills you learned from the experience so your potential employer will have an idea of what your strengths are. When you include your educational background, make a list of the most important areas of studies, making a general overview of the skills you’ve acquired in your student years. If you have any kind of experience working or studying abroad make sure to list it!

Employers find this very important! Revise your CV before sending it, it must be well written and professional. Have someone with experience check it over and edit any mistakes that might be there. 

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Get some good references

Whether it’s a teacher, a professor, or someone else you know who has a professional ranking, ask that person to provide you with a good reference. It’s important that the reference is a good one, and not lukewarm or so-so, as that could be the difference in whether you instil confidence in your potential employer or not. You need to find people you can absolutely trust to help you.

Where to search

There are many ways to find employers these days. You can go the traditional route of pounding the pavement, looking for help wanted signs and handing out resumes around your town or city. Another option is to go to free-classifieds websites like TradeStable, where they have an employment section where you can find all kinds of jobs openings. It doesn’t hurt to apply to any job you find interesting. If there’s any particular company where you’re just dying to work for, look for their “careers” tab on their homepage and apply! Be ambitious; look for jobs or employers you’d like to have and go out and get them. However, be prepared to hear the word “no” and be prepared to settle for a job that might not have been on your dream list.

Look good

When you go out looking for a job, and more especially if you get an interview, be aware of the way you look. You might not have to wear a suit, but you really must look presentable at the very least. You want to convey to your potential employer that you care, that you’re trying,that you really wan the job. You don’t show that be showing up looking like a scruffy mess.

It’s important to act professionally and respectively as well. Be polite, make eye contact, straighten your posture, don’t chew gum and give a firm hand shake; these little things are all extremely important accenting yourself as a person who’s ready for a job.

So, what are you waiting for? The weekend is not going to pay for itself. Welcome to the real world.


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