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How to have a successful job interview

Job interviews are sometimes the most frightening experience many want to escape. The idea of what the interviewer will ask and how he’ll ask it comes into mind always. It’s however, a known fact that in this ever increasing competition in this corporate world, the number one thing that will make the difference is the value you can add to that company that will make the difference.

Well having a successful interview doesn’t start and end at the interviewer’s desk, but starts before that time. The following are some of the steps you need to take in other to have a successful job interview..

job interview in nigeria

Do a background check

Make sure you know about the place you intent to go for the interview. Try and know about their operations, their structure, when the organization started, their dress code, the staff strength and if possible their corporate color.

This is important so that you know that you’re going into an interview in an organization you know so much about.

Do a dress rearhasal

Well practice some dress etiquette. Most corporate organizations accept corporate dress in interviews. Well make sure you do some dress rearhasal and see how you’ll appear on that interview day. Stand in front of the mirror and see how you look.

If the organization colour is green, you’ll to use a green inner shirt to make it rhythm with their colour. Although it’s not necessary that you most use their colour, but avoid the use of colour that is the colour of their major competitor. 

For ladies do not use high heels and for guys, avoid putting pocket square in your suit pocket. These are things that can disqualify you at the interview.

Don’t talk too much

When going for the interview, don’t talk too much. Do a lot of listening than talking. Sometimes, the interviewers might be watching how you behave. People that talk too much are believe to be on serious and might not give the organization what they need.

Behave maturely

Sometimes during an interview, you maybe ask to sit in a room to wait, sometimes, they’ll keep you for hours there. But might you, they’re watching what you’re all doing. They maybe testing your patience and to see how you can endure, whether you’ll complain or not.

They’ll equally monitor to see the time you spend using your handset. The longer the time you’re on it, the slimmer your chances. Because they may think you will have divided attention when you’re working in their organization.

When you’re faced in such situation, be conscious of whatever you do. The bottom line here is to behave in a matured manner.

Don’t be nervous 

Don’t be nervous at all. Make sure that when going into the interview, you enter with confidence and never show the interviewer that you’re desperate about the job. When they ask you question, answer it to the best of your ability. 

Ask them question too

Do not leave there presence without asking them your own question. Often times, an organization will give you an opportunity to do that. Don’t hesitate, ask them. It can be from your background check you have done or pertaining what they ask you for. But make sure what you’re going to ask them is an intelligent one.

Thank them

Don’t forget to thank them for giving you the opportunity to be part of the interview.

Guest Author: Bako Yila is a Nigerian blogger with passion on business, personal finance, inspiration and lifestyle. His blog offers simple yet powerful steps towards a financial free life, motivation and a lifestyle to be enjoyed.


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