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6 Best Ways To Get Your CV Noticed By Recruiters

It’s a fact that first cut into the selection process is made right when you get your CV noticed by the recruiters.It’s the first few seconds view of your CV that creates the first impression of you in the minds of the recruiters and yourself. However, filling up the CV with data alone cannot get your CV noticed by recruiters.

Creating a catchy CV is an art worth learning. It’s about differentiating your one CV among the hundreds, most of which might pretty much have the same credentials as yours. Here are the 6 best ways to get your CV noticed by recruiters in 10 seconds.

1. Make an Elastic CV

An elastic CV is such that you can make small changes and mold it every time you are applying to a different kind of job. Rather than applying with a common CV everywhere, you should get your CV noticed by recruiters by making it relevant to the particular kind of job by changing some lines and keywords in your CV. For example, you could change the order of presentation of your skills as per relevance.​

2. Use uncommon words

It’s a common tendency among most to use words like ‘Responsible for doing such and such’, ‘Was part of…’, ‘involved in…’ etc. However, the problem with these words is that these are clichés and would appear on every other CV.

In order to catch the recruiter’s attention while CV screening your CV needs to have some different set of words. It’s very easy to find better words to express the same meaning; if nothing works, search on the internet. This will get your CV noticed by recruiters and lead them into reading it further. Your chances increase!

3. Give evidence of your Strengths

Mention of strengths is an important part of a CV. However, just putting your strengths in a couple of words like ‘efficient’, ‘hard working’ etc. will not get your CV noticed by recruiters.

Strengths should be substantiated rather than let come out of thin air.So if you have mentioned ‘a performer under stress’ as one of your strengths, better spend couple of lines briefing a situational evidence of the same. This lends credibility to the claims your CV makes.

4. Keep it focused with an Objective Statement

A crisp and short objective statement at the start of your CV increases chances of to get your CV noticed by recruiters. The objective statement should clearly in a few words indicate that you specifically aim for the kind of job you have applied to. This approves of your clarity of goal and thought.

The skills, strengths and achievements mentioned in such a way that they support your objective. Again, there is no harm in tweaking your objective just little bit for different applications in order to adapt with requirements.

5. Support your achievements with facts

It’s important to associate numbers or facts with your achievements. For example, if you say that you played State Level Football, give the year and place of game as well the team you were a part of. Similarly quantify you academic and professional achievements as well.

This is a good way to lend more weight to you CV and get your CV noticed by recruiters. Facts and data keep the recruiter away from any guesswork and give him more reasons to believe what is written.

6. Keep it Concise and Readable

A CV running into lot many pages might look interesting to oneself having reinstated the volume of work he or she has done in the past. However, it only works against getting your CV noticed by recruiters. An ideal CV should never be more than two pages.

Nowadays, people are talking about one page CVs though. Use of short bulleted points under 4 to 5 sections is the best way to put across information in a CV.Long CVs switch off the screener even before it is opened up and may directly go the bin and never be read.

The CV is your first foot forward as far as your stint to win a job is concerned. It better be a strong first foot forward! A CV made with these basic guidelines considered will help in a big way to get your CV noticed by recruiters.

Pritam Nagrale is an internet markter & blogger who makes full time income through online jobs. You can read more about him here. Visit his blog, if you are looking for online income opportunities.

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