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Make job search advice work for you!

Clearly, not all advice is good advice. No advice, however, works if it’s not applied!

Many job seekers look for ideas, best practices, strategies, techniques and other advice for hours each day.

Some, when they are with others, often talk as if they themselves are job search experts.…

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Why You Should Send a ‘Thank You’ Email After Interviews and How

Post interview 'Thank You' emails are very beneficial in helping you secure a good job whether your interview comes out successful or not. When properly written, Thank You emails will endear you to the interviewer and could open bigger doors. It may be the impetus you need to make the…

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Writing a Resume that will Get You Noticed

Applying for jobs is hard, especially in a competitive industry. Unless you’ve got the right contacts to introduce you to potential employers, you’ll likely find yourself doing the application/resume thing. This is where things can really get frustrating. It often feels like you’re…

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